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Hello Brandon City Councillor / Friend of the Environment:

My name is David Barnes and I am writing in regards to the role of the City of Brandon – and your own role – in achieving a quick and tangible change that has been “ready to go” for several years now. The United Nations has labelled the 2020s “The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration” because there is an urgent need to restore natural habitat everywhere: wetland is one of the easiest ecosystems to restore, and it is the fastest known way to sequester carbon.


You may know about AFFI from our Sunday Nature Walks, the Maple Syrup Tours, or our prairie restoration known as Dana’s Garden. We have also developed a Climate Action Plan, called Rewilding Brandon – its focus is a wetland restoration at the historic beaver pond site on AFFI’s City-owned property. But first – a short introduction to the role and the history of the Assiniboine Food Forest Inc (AFFI) as regards our attempts to work with the City of Brandon to address climate change.

Download and read the Rewilding Brandon document here:

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